Why Coaching, Training and Development are Needed in Business

It has long been known that the employees of a business are one of that company's most important assets, and arguably the most important. Without the right people, a business will either struggle to find success (which for a commercial organisation means a lack of profit and ultimately a threat to its survival), or at best will be falling far short of the tremendous achievements it could accomplish were it to have the right people in its employ.

Even utilising rigorous interview and selection techniques, it is virtually guaranteed that anybody who gets the job will not be able to immediately fulfil that role as well as they could possibly do, and that there is absolutely no possible room for improvement. The reality is that every employee (and manager for that matter) will benefit from training and development in some form whether it comes from business coaching or a classroom-based training course.

Why Training and Development?

Undergoing training and development will provide many benefits for employees and as a consequence the company they work for too. After all, if the company are paying for it then they will want some return on their investment. Training courses led by a course tutor will provide extra knowledge and information to attending delegates which should then enable them to perform their workplace duties to a higher standard. There are a number of different ways this can come about, including:

  • Learning new ways of working, tips and techniques which all contribute to improved performance in the job role
  • Identifying current bad habits or incorrect/inefficient ways of working which can be modified to increase productivity
  • Learning how to get the best out of colleagues and subordinates to increase productivity of the entire team or department overall

  • The Importance of Business Coaching

    Some issues may be easy to identify, and a relevant training course found in order to help remedy the situation. For instance, a senior manager who has discovered that one of their newly-promoted junior managers is struggling initially with the role may decide that a first line management training course is needed in order to give them a much greater understanding of the role and how to go about their new responsibilities. Ideally this should have been provided before they started in their new position, but it is better late than never.

    Sometimes though, the reasons behind an employee falling obviously short of their potential are much harder to determine. This puzzle can be solved through the provision of business coaching, where a professional business coach and mentor will work with the individual to identify and get to the bottom of the issues which are holding that person back from working to their full potential. From there, they can assist in the creation of action plans to tackle and one day overcome these blockades.


    Businesses therefore depend upon training and development including business coaching to ensure that their employees are working to a high standard and are making significant contributions to the achievement of the company's objectives, whatever they may be.

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